My head hurts a little. Actually hurts as if would be an ear-ache having ear on the back side of head and not at usual side position. That is why I am wearing a cap by day and by night. Warmth helps. It is getting better.


the personal note

The point is that if you write everything totally objectively and always illumine the object from all angles, tell a bright and a dark side, a positive and negative… then everything you write is so… I don’t find the right expression… something like “shadow-less” or “immaculate” or “too-perfect”. In fact, I like posts with the personal note.


I’m 8. How are you?

I had an interesting debate about how-are-you post, so I will expand it a little. As I said, I do not like questions like “How are you?”. It is not a simple question. It is annoying. And there are at least three possibilities what you really want to ask; (1) you would just like to say Hello, I have better things to do. Say hello then, not How-are-you. Because then I must say, Fine/ok/thanks and with repetition that makes me feel very stupid. And everybody can predict the end. If I do not feel like I will tell you something and we don’t want to talk, we will not. (2) You would just like to say Hello, I would just like to talk to you. If I am wanted to tell you, you are my friend or something like that, I will tell you anyway. No need to ask me how I am. (3) You are really interested and I am willing to tell you, then, sit down and listen. “Grab a beer and relax” mood. So, if you are interested how my dog is (even if I do not have one) and if my pain still persist, if my uncle is still alive, why don’t you just ask so. Bottom line, I wouldn’t be crying if all the people would have forgotten the how-are-you question.

On the other hand, it is just how-are-you question it is not they would like to kill me or something. Maybe we could have a sort of mood meter or something similar. We would just put our feelings in some kind of degrees, from 1-10. If 1 is very ill/can not talk/very bad mood/pointless life/nearly dead/… and 4 is small control of life/living in a semi-bad dreams/… and 7 is ok/fine/nothing is bad/just something bothers me/… then totally euphoric about something/someone is 10 or what? I was never good at putting the feelings in numbers but I could try.


delo - work, vilica - fork

It is not every day that your article gets published in Delo-Znanost (Science supplement of a newspaper). In fact, it is the first time for me. It is not "a fork in a road" but it feels ok.