kaki vs. khaki

In case you don’t know, kaki is a red sweet fruit and khaki color is "uniform-green". Pronounced "kah-kee" is a well known word all over the world. In Slovenian language it is also written the same (kaki). Nevertheless, it is very similar word for the fruit (kaki) and the color (khaki) and this is very confusing, like red and green is the same color. Do you maybe know, before kaki get red, is it khaki green?

Update: Jana found this picture of khaki green kaki. It is obviously green, no?


day off

Yesterday I took a day off at the job. It was just great! Like weekend, just that everybody else was at their job. I could get used to this: 2 working days work + day off + 2 working days… and the week is over. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job but my job is still a job. Hey and this weekend we get extra bonus! Sounds like commercial: pay 2, take 4! :)


waiting for nothing

Today we have a day of open doors. It is the day when anybody can come and watch our work. Since the majority of the people work at their own jobs, we mostly see students and pensioner. But this year the participation is really poor. I have discovered (again) that the most exhausting work is waiting for nothing. Oh yeah.


as long as it is interesting

We watch interesting films, listen to favorite music, read interesting books, interesting blogs... I prefer meeting new interesting people over watching interesting TV-series... but maybe it is all the same. As long as we are happy to look around, just to hide our lives behind something interesting... or what? Maybe it is just fun.


what a day

It was Saturday. We went to the sea side. We just picked up the new rudder for our sailing boat. We got up at 5 to 5 am. It was in the middle of the night for me, especially for mounting the rudder or other precise work. Well, A. did the most of the work and at 6.30 we were ready to go to Barcolana. But at 7.00 all fun was over. After passing the Piran, the rudder just didn’t play a game anymore, it broke off. *!!!?”$&* we could not believe it, it was brand new!

Went back to marine and luckily joined some crew to watch the action on first and second buoy. Nevertheless, the other part was fun, I must admit. Never seen Barcolana up close and not compete. But, I don’t get it, what is it with –OH groups that makes people so funny?! But hey, this is a different story. No, not a dirty one.


who am I to judge

Sorry guys, I can't put this in English.

Pujs in pes hodita po cesti, dež lije kot iz škafa.
Pa pravi pujs psu: uh, pasje vreme.
In pes odvrne: ja, svinjsko lije.