month 9 - moving

month 9

tip 8 – sleep like a baby

She slept according to the book, like a baby. Except that after third months she rarely did a long nap. So she took just the advantages of first quarter of two-hour sleep cycle. She got tired very quickly. Thanks to pacifier we did not experience any difficulty with her sleep. She could sleep anywhere where a pacifier and a cat were. Pretty fast, by herself (or so we thought, not to forget the pacifier). Till 7 and ½. Then she woke up every 2 hours during the night and could not fall back asleep without help. Even walking around did not help immediately, few minutes of cry were inevitable. Well, enough is enough. Her parents got too tired and they decided to help her fall asleep without a pacifier. With the help of a book (Elisabeth Parsley: Otroško spanje, brez joka v spanje) the first 10 days were even more exhausting. Then it got better and better, she woke up only once per night! It does not matter, if it worked because of a book or because the first tooth came through (with the tooting Chamomilla D30 helped a lot, it redused loud endless crying during the night). In fact, it seems, that it is always something bothering the sleep-like-a-baby sleep. Now it is the second tooth.