It is the first time for me that I have a picture on my desktop. I like it a lot. No, I didn't take this picture, someone else did, but the boy is my nephew. And hey, the freesbie (how do you write this thing?! friesbie? freesbee?) is mine ;).


one pretty meaningless thing

I can’t stop thinking about some pretty meaningless thing. The thing is, I see that more and more people I personally know write on their blog what they would like to be and not what they really are like. Maybe my friend was right, maybe personal blogs really are crap. I am pretty sure you don’t have a clue what I am writing about, so I will bring up one pretty meaningless example. Other people see you yellow and you have a blog, and you write constantly how blue you are. Simple explanation is you want to be blue, right? Well, I still hope that my blog talks about what I am or at least it is a part of me and not just what I want to be. And here the incoherency comes out; I am like the others, we all want to be something special, don’t we? And we are all the same in this specialty.


no luck = bad luck?

Reading about luck of this young man and his forgetful confusion in a sweet kind of way, I was thinking about my luck in my life lately. Ok, except the broken car, a wet wet wet (almost every day) bicycle or rollerblades, shoes, all clothes… I do not remember any bigger troubles.

For those who have some bad luck in cards and all that, just remember what an old popular proverb is telling us about luck and love ;)


it is my fault I see rain every day

Pretty rainy week, ha? But every week has its own end. This week-end I spent in Istra. No rain whatsoever, you see?