Lefkada again

Is it a bad sign when your car broke on the last day before the departure to the sea side? It might be a bad luck and it is definitely bad for our money balance, but despite that, no, it is not a bad sign, even a broken car “makes” good holidays. Luckily a brother of our friends (brothers rule!) lended us a car and there we were, windsurfing in Vassiliki (Lefkada, Greece) again. See the short movie if you want to see a part of my story. And please note, when the wind for surfing was the best, nobody was on the shore taking pictures ;). Wind statistics: 3 days – not enough wind for me with 5.0 sail, 3 days- too much wind for me with 4.0 sail, 8 days – pure pleasure. I am still learning remember; I managed to get into the straps the first day, no painful hammer, oh, it is really a great feeling gliding with feet attached to the board. Yeah!


a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders

Pretty useless feeling, getting my PhD and all that. Nevertheless, it is great. If you need any recommendations, I strongly recommend that on D day you buy yourself a sorting box and crazy boxer shorts, it works perfectly ;).

What’s next? Greece, summer and windsurfing, here I come :).