month 1 - moving


month 1


once in a life time

It must be just once in a life time that your age is counted in days and your weight is measured in grams :).


16 days old

Three days after the labour, we were dismissed from the Hospital. Since then my breast and our daughter’s appetite are communicating. They just have to become synchronised and it is not so easy. For instance, I got 39,4 degrees because of mastitis. But at the moment we are doing fine and we even sleep some parts of the night (3-6 hours). Interesting, so small baby and so much work with it: 1. hungry, 2. sleepy, 3. shitty, 4. repeat randomly. But, we are very happy to have her :))

friday, the 13th of February 2009 - the luckiest day

19:50, 2585 g, 47 cm

Yes, giving a birth is really a hard work. But yes, very rewarding. The labour passed through in less than 2 hours, which is extremely fast for the first time. And there were some moments when contractions were so intense and frequent that I hardly follow myself. I could not breathe and relax my body properly through all the long lasting contractions in a first hour, but in last hour, when contractions become shorter, I manage to do so. All the rest was pretty fine. My favourite part is the last part, when you really help to push the baby out. A new family can then be together and left alone for a few hours. It is magic. Magic, every second of it.

I will try to put some thoughts on this blank sheet, just not to forget. The longer version of my labour story. It is more for me, not to forget the details. So everybody else, not interested in particular details of my labour, maybe you should stop reading this nonsense.
On Thursday, at the end of 39th week, (a day before labour) my Doc said, that fluid inside the womb is missing. So we went to the hospital, to check that everything is ok, just to get a second opinion. They also confirmed that neck of the uterus was practically gone. I was 1 cm opened. In this case they preventively induce the labour with prostaglandins. “That’s it, just come back tomorrow morning.” I must say, I was pretty shocked, (huh, tomorrow?!) and what is it with this Friday, the 13th, is it the lucky one? I was scared a little, due to fearful stories I have heard about induced labours. I really wanted to do it as natural as possible. So, very early in the Friday morning, we tried application of natural prostaglandins. Few hours later some really mild contractions started. In the morning we went to the hospital and a doctor was persuaded that this labour should be moved a little faster. They gave me artificial prostaglandins locally and sent to Department E of Maternity Hospital to rest. A few hours later the contractions became more and more real. So I stopped lying down and start walking around. When on feet, moving around, contractions weren’t painful at all. After a CTG, a doctor examined me (I was opened 3 cm), and sent me to the Maternity ward. I got enema, which is quite ok, and after that, some intense contractions started (every 4 minutes, 40-50 seconds long). All these breathing exercises, I had practiced last month, I used for real and it helped. The following hot shower felt great! Soon my partner was allowed to join me and I felt so happy. I must say, he was fantastic all the time, throughout the whole labour. Invaluable! So, we were walking down and up the corridor, he massaging my back. I had to stop on every contraction (every 3 minutes, 50 seconds) and lean against the wall or the fence and breathe. At that stage I was a little worried that they forgot about me, but they did not. All of a sudden I have heard a “big bang” and a little-reddish fluid start to leak between my legs on the floor. After that, contractions started to be painful (every 2 minutes, 50 seconds). If they would have waited a little longer, I would not have got to maternity room by myself. On every contraction maximum the pain was so hard, that my legs become so weak, that I could easily fall on the floor. So, I got a bed and CTG, lying on my side, coping with the hardest part of my labour. It was not just my feeling, also CTG proved long plateaus of maximum contractions. It is hard, because something inside you contracts so intense that is unbelievable that you could stay relaxed with the rest of your body. When you are not relaxed, it cramps you even more and your body is shaking and you cannot breathe and it hurts. But when you succeed to tell yourself to remain calm, relaxed and you do not contract other parts, then it is much easier and after contraction is gone, you just fall into a deep sleep. My eyes were closed all the time and I could not talk about anything. Luckily, as we were approaching 10 cm, contractions started to be shorter and I was quite successful to breathe over them. I did not object when I got some opiates into the vain, since I could not talk. Frankly, I did not even care, since I thought that my labour will last at least 6 hours more. I was not sure I can take all these pain for all these hours. So, the last pushing part was the most rewarding, pain was nearly there. Pushing was the first effective part, where I had the power and the control over the labour. I was told how and when to push and I was cooperating. It was so comforting that partner was supporting my back, since it is much easier to push when you are not lying down. I felt with every contraction something is moving towards my ass. Then I felt a burning sensation. It must have been the head. A few moments later I pushed again and something slipped down and out of me. That “Something” was on someone’s hands, blue and white and it soon started to breathe. So, after 9 months from the beginning and just after 2 hours from bladder rapture, our daughter was born. I got no episiotomy, but got some stitches inside, but I did not care. I was simply happy. Half an hour later they left us in the room and we got her on my stomach. We tried to breastfeed, and most of all we were looking at each other and could not stop being amazed about this miracle of life.