a wish or two

Why does it have to be like that, that wish is always something I do not have? It would be nice to wish for something I already have! At the moment I have two hot wishes: 1. All night long non-smoking high-school-like party, just sitting on the floor and singing along with talented guitarist and 2. All night long latino dancing.

Damn, I am so modest…

a sweet temptation

I have been talking about music before. A new criterion for a good song has appeared in my thoughts these days – a song has to be very good ;). In my opinion the song must be at least excellent in order to be sung without any instrumental accompaniment. Something like: not dull, not boring, powerful and nice, without too many repetitions. At the moment there is only one: Into temptation.


saw see

I liked the sailing boat, I liked the people, I liked the winter sunshine, I liked the dolphins swimming in front of a boat, I liked the sailing spirit of a group on regatta, I liked the surfing down the wave and 17.8 knots maximum velocity, I liked the feeling when boat was leaned, smoothly cutting the waves as I was sitting on the lower side trimming the genoa and the water was gushing in the steam and I could seen the rainbow in every water spray and I liked that we were having a good time. On the top of that it was quite warm, despite pretty windy conditions, and at the end of all sailing days we got second place and a cup! Great!

Ok, end of the story, ha? Well no, this was just the beginning.

Maybe we are under a curse. Or it is just me. Maybe it is just bad luck. Every Saturday after a good dinner and a cup ceremony we sail from Croatia to Slovenia. The majority of these home trips were unsuccessful because the wind (burja) was too strong and we could not make it around Savudria. This time we made it till Portorož, instead till Koper. I must admit it was not a pleasant journey. The weather report was predicting around 30 knots or even 25 to 50… but the gusts were up to 69! (what a number ;) and it was no joke. The sea can get quite high on cape Savudrija since it is quite shallow. It is hard to say how big the waves were, was it 2 or 4 meters, but when you look up to the sky and see the water high above, you just grab a rope and make a turtle move with a head, close the mouth and the eyes... wooosh and the water glide down the back. Oh yeah.

The next morning you wake up and all the pleasant things are still there in your head. Not so pleasant ones are converted to a good experience. Oh yes, I would do it all again. It was great.


see sea

We will be sailing from Wednesday to Sunday (Predbožična regata 2005). I have packed soooo many warm clothes but will they be enough? We will see. We will see sea :)