body language

I am convinced (more and more) that our verbal communication is just a few % of understanding. Body language is the best. But we have to read it fluently. I have some difficulties with reading body language of adults, since it is masked with many words. Maybe I am more successful of reading signs of toddlers. At the time we can understand almost every wish of our 1 year old daughter. In fact she can drink and eat alone, but need some help with “ka ka”. She can show “pa pa” when somebody goes away, “velika velika” with the arms under her head, “ojoj” with her fingers on the forehead, “močna močna” with closed feasts and “aaja aaja” when she bend her head to horizontal. She can imitate (with a sound) things like a car, a duck, a dog and an Indian. Well, there are a lot more things she can do or tell, but sometimes it feels so nice egoistic that you say something and your child just do it. And even more egoistic to tell others what she can already do. Although, life is not just what we do, but who we really are.


D or B day

B day (birthday) is basically a D day, just one year after.

1 year, very soon

12 months

month 12 - moving