these days

They say How are you? and think Hello! or Oh, you have a new sweater again!? or Are you lazy or what? or Do you like your boss more than me? In fact, I really don’t know what they are really thinking but I usually say I’m fine, thank you. and I think How is this possible that most of the people hit one of three the most annoying questions ever!


a mobile

When fully recharged, battery lasted max 2 minutes of conversation… it is like on the sailing vacations when speed of the sailing boat drops under 1 knot… it is over the edge, you must do something. And so it was. I got myself a new mobile phone. Nokia 6020 it is. It has everything I need (handy, small and light) and even more. I bought also the PC-connecting cable and I feel like a modern woman now ;)). I have some problems with connecting mobile to PC, though. Program Nokia PC Suite worked yesterday but today it doesn’t even connect to the phone. Anybody with similar problem out there?

No, I did not forget to put the cable in and yes, I did switch it on.



Back from the sea side again. This summer I got the new feeling about wearing skirts. Down to knees, shorter, very short, wide, tight… it doesn’t really matter. I like skirts in summer, wearing a skirt is a very fine feeling. Do you want to hear a story about new wide skirt and bicycle and more than 15 km/h? Don’t do it if you don’t like traffic trouble! For all the rest, use your imagination. It is all in our heads, they say.