a lady or what

Come on, try this, it is very nice, it suits you, come on, try on, pleeease. A majority of men (boys) know what I am talking about. Clothes shopping = nightmare. Always excuses. Well yes, ok, but not today. OR Aren’t we in a hurry? OR I’m so tired, let’s go home. OR (my favorite) I have already tried a pair of trousers this months, isn’t that enough? Well, shopping for me was something boring and exhausting. I used to be a resistant. Not any more. I am almost addicted. Almost every weekend I spend an hour or two trying on skirts, shirts, trousers, sweaters, socks …. Don’t know whether it is good or bad. Bad for my bank account, definitely, but I look nicer, prettier… that is good, no? I used to be a girl, now I am a lady or what ;)


a drug

Yesterday evening I found a new drug that works for me. Just hope that I will not become addicted. I went to a short run, this time with my new mp3 headphones. After 5 minutes I didn’t know where my mind has gone. Music did blow me away. Totally. I was so stoned, I could run around Ljubljana. Yes, you running freak, for the warming up, I mean ;).


b-day or d-day

It should be very happy day, I suppose. Because we are still alive and healthy and all that… well I’m happy, I am, but I want more. Sometimes too much, I guess. On the other hand, we are older and older and it is not a pleasant thought, is it? On my b-day I want the world to spin around me. Just for one day. Just for a couple of hours. Even if I’m not a party girl I’m used to that b-day spinning. At first it didn’t seem this trick will work this year but at the end of the day everything went well. And besides that I got a lot of things: flowers, super towel, fins, mast and sail (second hand), chocolate, cake tin, perfume, swimming suit, summer dress, mp3 headphones (tnx Siky) and more. Damn, I’m rich! And I don’t mean just stuff… I got so many hugs and sms and mails. And I got the best sms wish "Wse najboljse, sreče zdrawja, hujsga nic od brce komarja!" Can you imagine how would we feel if somebody would tell us "I wish you a lot of tears and bad weather all year long, no kissing, no nothing, boring life and no wish to come true…"? Boy, that would be something. I wouldn't dare.


my life

There is a difference between living and being alive.

In a way we are all the same. We all think we are something special. Even if there is someone who claims to be ordinary, (s)he is outstanding because of this thinking.

And what makes my life so extraordinary? Simple fact that my life is just mine.

Life is about past, present and future; about beliefs, reality and dreams. Ten years ago I tought that at the age of 29, I definitely should be married and have at least two children. Reality is somehow different. Isn't it strange how dreams are always bright?

Everybody is a weirdo in a way. It's just the way and perspective we comprehend what is normal. For me it is perfectly normal to like sports, dancing, singing, sailing, eating, kissing with my boyfriend, colecting dasies on a field, to push fingers into sack full of lentils, laughing, running through grass fields, bathing with favorite foam... Isn't it great to feel that child in us? I love it. Some may say I'm a weirdo and others that I'm the sunniest girl they ever met. I know I can't please them all. I just want to be me.

After all it's not what we say about life, it's how we live it.

everything that has a beginning has an end

... but this is the beginning of my blogging, so let's not speak about the end now. I have been playing with this idea for a few months but now the time is right. I guess. Simply because I'm not good with remembering birthday dates it is very convenient that I and my blog will celebrate our birthdays together :)