a lady or what

Come on, try this, it is very nice, it suits you, come on, try on, pleeease. A majority of men (boys) know what I am talking about. Clothes shopping = nightmare. Always excuses. Well yes, ok, but not today. OR Aren’t we in a hurry? OR I’m so tired, let’s go home. OR (my favorite) I have already tried a pair of trousers this months, isn’t that enough? Well, shopping for me was something boring and exhausting. I used to be a resistant. Not any more. I am almost addicted. Almost every weekend I spend an hour or two trying on skirts, shirts, trousers, sweaters, socks …. Don’t know whether it is good or bad. Bad for my bank account, definitely, but I look nicer, prettier… that is good, no? I used to be a girl, now I am a lady or what ;)


At 31.5.05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right, we are all growing up ... some more materialistically some more spiritually some physically ... whatever suits your, right? ;)

It's always nice to see a girl change into a lady. Wishes only best!


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