b-day or d-day

It should be very happy day, I suppose. Because we are still alive and healthy and all that… well I’m happy, I am, but I want more. Sometimes too much, I guess. On the other hand, we are older and older and it is not a pleasant thought, is it? On my b-day I want the world to spin around me. Just for one day. Just for a couple of hours. Even if I’m not a party girl I’m used to that b-day spinning. At first it didn’t seem this trick will work this year but at the end of the day everything went well. And besides that I got a lot of things: flowers, super towel, fins, mast and sail (second hand), chocolate, cake tin, perfume, swimming suit, summer dress, mp3 headphones (tnx Siky) and more. Damn, I’m rich! And I don’t mean just stuff… I got so many hugs and sms and mails. And I got the best sms wish "Wse najboljse, sreče zdrawja, hujsga nic od brce komarja!" Can you imagine how would we feel if somebody would tell us "I wish you a lot of tears and bad weather all year long, no kissing, no nothing, boring life and no wish to come true…"? Boy, that would be something. I wouldn't dare.


At 24.5.05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every single day is special. But some are more special. Happy that day!

At 24.5.05, Blogger HisHighness said...

Yeah I know how it is, the last birthday I had sucked. So I don't even bother telling people it's my birthday anymore. I used to try tellin the ladies to try to get some swerve, but it didn't work.

good luck.

Liberal For Life

At 24.5.05, Blogger itn@ said...

What exactly does it mean "I used to try tellin the ladies to try to get some swerve"? I can't imagine... well in fact, I can, but don't think it is the right thing ;))

At 24.5.05, Blogger David said...

And you got a blog!

Vse najboljše še od mene, stara. POzno, pa od srca. ;)

At 24.5.05, Anonymous Siky said...

Anyway, I hope that you had a nice time after all and hope that next year I will satisfy more of your wishes and expectations.

At 24.5.05, Blogger itn@ said...

Hey, don't worry, when I look back, day as a whole, it was cool. You know me, sometimes things seem a little dark but a few days after... ;)

At 25.5.05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Srečnega, pa zdravga.


At 27.5.05, Anonymous PeterK said...

I'm late as usual but nothing new about that.

Best wishes from me to and I hope the world will rock around you for the whole year, not just spin for a day.

P.S. Now I know why you asked me about the fins :-).

At 30.5.05, Blogger itn@ said...

tnx, friends :)


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