I like playing bdmt. Officially it is called badminton. In previous years there were some sport centers, which made their own tournaments, like The Badminton League of Vogu or The League of Dolgi Most and the Ljubljana Badminton Club . This year the Slovenian recreational badminton has done a great step forward. We’ve got The Trump ranking - a list with rankings for all the recreational tournaments together and almost every weekend we could attend some tournament somewhere in Slovenia, from Maribor to Izola. I played on 20 tournaments and I am satisfied with my progress.

today my fish had a first sex

This is it. I have written about my fish at work in previous posts. It seems that now they are old enough to have sex, because today I have found a lot of eggs, so my mission – you will get the eggs from Germany, make them do new eggs - is accomplished. It is funny, they had sex and I watched and I did not feel embarrassed.


never say never

Can you think of a thing/work that you think you could never do it? Do you have at least one such thing? I am sure you do. For me, this was “to unicycle”. Of course I have seen them cycling around, sitting on just one wheel in some circus or something, but I could not imagine I could ride an uni-bike for myself. Never. Never ever. It is not yet sure, that I will actually ride it, but for the beginning, I got one for my birthday. Here down is the picture and I am wondering how long it will take to give you a link to the video where I am actually riding it :). Well, at least I have started to learn. Not very easy, I must admit. But I will not give up… never ;).


I hate thieves, esspecially today!

They have broken through the roof window and taken my personal computer and monitor. They were gone before 5:30, through the roof window as well. Needles to say, this is bad. I hope the money goes to Africa to some hungry children or something like that.


G as Gar...

I was somewhere. Of course. Obviously. Any guess? Go and see my short movie here. Have fun!