a dilemma a guy would never have

Lately, I’ve been sitting at my computer a lot. When some problems with my spine occurred, I changed my chair for the therapeutic ball. Ball is great. It is just... there is another great thing, but it is not compatible with the ball. Skirt. Short, long, middle, narrow, wide, dress... all kinds of. In case you don't know, skirts are great during the summer, air is circulating more freely and all that. So, what happens; when wearing a skirt, one can not sit on the ball, because legs should be positioned quite wide, and skirt, huh, well, you understand. That's it, a dilemma a guy would never have.



Hm, kot bi bil naročen pri zobozdravniku ali kaj podobnega. Tudi slučajno se ne veseliš, ampak je ok, ker je ponavadi po tistem bolje ;))


20 degrees Celsius

Yesterday 30, today 20, tomorrow… no, no, no… my snowboard equipment is already tidily packed!


30 degrees Celsius

There is another thing I have here at my work desk. High temperature. I didn't realize that the temperature was so high but I get a temperature meter, and there it is. 30! Pretty unpleasant. It is not so easy to concentrate, you know. It is officially hot for me, at least for working in the office. Huh!


Here, at my work desk, I have a lot of small paper shits sheets with different more or less useful comments on them. Some of them contain useful telephone/account/whatever numbers, others help me to remember how to spell some difficult words like “phycocyanin”. There are also some sentences, found somewhere, don't know where, like: “if you are arguing with some idiot, he is probably doing the same”. True, ha?


nagradno vprašanje

Mogoče ti veš kako se reče »nagradno vprašanje« v angleščini, da se sliši vsaj tko fino kot v slovenščini? Men ne pade na pamet nič primernega, zato bo tale prispevčič kar v materinščini. Aja, Marjeta in Siky, hvala za fotko. Torej, nagradno vprašanje je: kje je bila fotka posneta? Where was this photo taken?