month 8 - moving


month 8

tip 7 or food everywhere

It is great to be a parent of 7 months old child, although, sometimes parenting is quite demanding because:
1. it takes at least 1/2 an hour to prepare a decent meal with vegetables or fruits, squashing everything, adding carbohidrates...
2. you hope, the child is hungry
3. it takes 1 hour to sit next to a child, eat something for yourself to be a part of the process, but most of all, you give instantly a fool spoon, take things from the floor and back to the plate, give water, and dessert (a piece of apple, rice bisquits, crackers without salt...) if you are lucky, eating a bisquit brings you enough time to clean a little bit
4. during the meal we usually make a poop
5. it takes 1/2 an hour to clean the kitchen after a meal and undress/dress a child (again)
6. 1/2 hour is all you have, before you must start all over again...

Why people do not eat just once a day? It takes so many hours a day doing something in a connection with the food. Nevertheless, we are happy that she is quite an eater. But sometimes I wish thath babies should be only brestfeed until school or something ;)