air vs. peace

Ok, here is the thing; at the job we got some place limitations. To make the long story shorter, I have to decide whether to choose a room with no window but with peace, or to choose a room where there is a lot of traffic (telephone is ringing, people walking around etc.), but this room have a window and fresh air. And what would you do? Which place would you choose?


a good job and a dead tooth

I spent last week at the UFZ in Leipzig to learn some new method that we will introduce here. The guy there was extremely nice; he could not have been nicer, in fact. They showed us everything and they were still people, not just scientist... if you know what I mean. I still think that scientific collaborations are held together manly because of people characters compatibility… I mean, scientific achievements are not sooooo important. So, concerning the job life, it was like in Germany (when something was really well organized and well done, we always used to say: "like in Germany"). Concerning the private life there... well, I got a severe toothache and the result, my front tooth is dead :(.

At least I am not


yes, cute

When I was a small girl, the majority of babies looked very weird to me. So small and so annoying. And ugly. How come that nowadays all babies are so cute?! ;)