why do people like sport

…it is not a question but a lesson learned in time (Green Day)

Firstly, it was meant like a comment on a comment but then it turns out I like to tell more. Then I couldn’t stop :). After all it is not just doing sport in your free time; it is the way of thinking and living.

People are very different. Some like sport some don't. Nevertheless, almost everything is driven by satisfaction, for sure. I like eating cookies, rolling on sofa all evening and reading a good book or watching a good dvd movie. Pure satisfaction for me. I also like to move my body around, I like sports. For me moving all the time is something natural but can be “flooded” by jobs and other satisfactory things ;). Isn’t it great to feel that heat inside and heart beat and deep breathing and that good-feeling, relaxation-feeling after …? Pure satisfaction for me. I guess even if you are a “sado” freak, you feel pain as a satisfaction. I don’t get this; I mean what kind of satisfaction is this?! Never mind, it must be something great, it must be satisfaction for them. You know all the facts about how well is to be also physically active, about endorphins, you know all that.

Of course it is the best - doing what you like the most (if this is not harmful for others). It all depends on what kind of person you are. I believe we choose our favorites sport based on several factors:

money - little vs. a lot (first but not the most important)
There is no such thing as a lot or a little money. It all depends on your preferences. I rather sleep under roof and have a decent meal and something sweet every day than going crazy doing some sport for that money. Commodities. Yes I’m willing to spend a 30-40 kSIT per months for sport (sport equipment, court rent/hire, swimming course, traveling to the seaside and back…). Maybe this is too much for you, but hey, it is my money and my life. If my free time is quality and fun… it is worth of every penny. And please don’t give me this I-don’t-have-money shit. I don’t have a sailing boat /personal trainer/put-here-something-really-expensive… because I can’t afford it, but it is ok, If I would really really really really really want that, I would get myself 3 additionally (of course boring) jobs and go for that goal. When I was without a job, I was just running and walking around, it was great but I also wanted to go snow-boarding and windsurfing and… and then I got a job :)).

equipment – little vs. a lot
Equipment and money are closely connected, we all know that. But some people still like more “natural sports” with little equipment, just you and nature, like running, hiking, swimming… maybe there are more. But some sports need some special things; courts, vehicles, boats, sails… a lot of equipment compared to a pair of shoes or swimming suit, ha? We got used to equipment like bicycle. If you think again it is quite a big thing! (when compared to roller blades for instance) but we are all so used to it. Human species is quite adaptable; when putting together the windsurfing equipment for the first time I have never dreamt of finding this very easy and fast.

Some like it quick, some like it slow and long. Yes, we are still talking about sport. No, sex is not a sport for me ;). Especially younger guys like the sport which is very short in durability but exhausting and tough (mostly anaerobic). They bump into a sport and even overdo it till the motivation lasts. Ok, some girls too. I’m not such a person. I like it when it lasts at least an hour and my heart is beating faster all the time but still not more than 85% of it’s max.

health risk - low vs. high
Living itself is a health risk. Bad luck never sleeps. Also you have to do things in a right way. In my opinion swimming for instance, when done properly, is low health risk, even the accidents are possible. High risk sports - oh I don’t need to say, “extremists” and “adrenalin junkies”, you know them. Me? I don’t like fear, never. I don’t get it, what kind of satisfaction does it bring you, when it is very dangerous. I don’t even get the slightest idea why being in fear and adrenalin-feeling is satisfactory… never mind, it must be something great.

aerobic vs. anaerobic
Aerobic freaks, I think I understand you. You like running like repeating something over and over and you are finding joy in that, like an inner rhythm. People like rhythm, it makes us people …when walking, running, cycling, listening to the music… even when having sex, rhythm all over in our lives. When I was younger I didn’t like running, I found it boring. But then I tried to run for 14 days and I was really enjoying it. I still love to run but I like other sports too, I like a little of everything …almost everything. I must admit I’m not very keen on fencing/fighting and auto/moto/things.

alone vs. team
I like sports where you can count only on yourself. You don’t have to agree upon place, time, tempo, nothing, you don’t even need to talk at all. Always have yourself with you. But I like also sociable point of sport activity, sporting together (one-on-one or team sports) or just traveling to the right destination together with friends… I find meeting other people fun. For me it is the best to pick 5-10 different sports and alternate between them through the year, some with other people, some not. After all, you can’t have everything.


the music

I am very happy that there is a lot of music in our world. My taste for music is very altering. It depends on the stage of my life, I guess. Sometimes the only thing I like is the silence. Maybe the most accurate description of my favorite music is that good piece for me is the one that moves something in me, like in movies, I like the one which I can feel (how the people feel, bad/good/sad/funny/whatever it doesn’t matter). And I do think that in a way everybody seeks for that, in music also. Don't worry, I will not write what music I like the most, I just want to ask you a question. Can you remember of a piece in which the theme/the note(s)/the refrain/whatever… is repeating a lot of times? I mean repeating A LOT; like an old plate stuck somewhere... Do you like that? Emphasized rhythm? ck, ck, ck, ck

And it is not only the rhythm that is so emphasized. A few minutes ago I was listening to Wake me up when September ends. I think it was the first time I heard this song and at the beginning I like it a lot, very nice indeed... in the first third of the song I was able to sing along “wake me up when September ends”... a few lines later, I could sing in three note higher tone... approaching the end I was sick of this “wake me up when September ends”. Maybe this is the point, that we are really bored with this life; a little different but then again the same things happening every day/year. I don’t know. Maybe people hear for the first time “wake me up when September ends” when they listen to the piece 100 times and more. Don’t know. Maybe it is just me, still searching for contemporary music with as little repetition as possible and a rhythm which is not so emphasized.

It is all right with me that you like sawing but it would be nice to know what music is made for me.


talking to myself #2

Thinking about my life, reading about Humar and listening to Green Day music… I am wondering if there is one such thing as Good Riddance. Is it?



Ronia, the robber's daughter, had to be careful not to fall into the river. This is why she had been hoping on the slippery stones on the river bank where the current was the strongest. You can't be careful not to fall into the river while walking in the woods, right?

Sometimes I wish I were Ronia.
Sometimes I am.


talking to myself

Fix the problem, not the blame.