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I am very happy that there is a lot of music in our world. My taste for music is very altering. It depends on the stage of my life, I guess. Sometimes the only thing I like is the silence. Maybe the most accurate description of my favorite music is that good piece for me is the one that moves something in me, like in movies, I like the one which I can feel (how the people feel, bad/good/sad/funny/whatever it doesn’t matter). And I do think that in a way everybody seeks for that, in music also. Don't worry, I will not write what music I like the most, I just want to ask you a question. Can you remember of a piece in which the theme/the note(s)/the refrain/whatever… is repeating a lot of times? I mean repeating A LOT; like an old plate stuck somewhere... Do you like that? Emphasized rhythm? ck, ck, ck, ck

And it is not only the rhythm that is so emphasized. A few minutes ago I was listening to Wake me up when September ends. I think it was the first time I heard this song and at the beginning I like it a lot, very nice indeed... in the first third of the song I was able to sing along “wake me up when September ends”... a few lines later, I could sing in three note higher tone... approaching the end I was sick of this “wake me up when September ends”. Maybe this is the point, that we are really bored with this life; a little different but then again the same things happening every day/year. I don’t know. Maybe people hear for the first time “wake me up when September ends” when they listen to the piece 100 times and more. Don’t know. Maybe it is just me, still searching for contemporary music with as little repetition as possible and a rhythm which is not so emphasized.

It is all right with me that you like sawing but it would be nice to know what music is made for me.


At 18.8.05, Blogger Bo said...

For me there is much beauty in music and much beautiful music in the world. From time to time I also need some peace for regenerating in silence, although it would be shame to live in silence all the time; wouldn't it be?
I feel majestically listening to this - attention though, it's instrumental -: Johann Pachelbel / Canon in D Major / Canon in D Major.mp3.

At 22.8.05, Blogger itn@ said...

Yes, the music can be great. That kind of music really lift me up :)


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