hot? not

I hear a lot of words of relief about the temperatures going down. Was it hot before? A? It looks like I’m lucky or just don’t complain about that. I was chating with Tej the other day and he is one of the “heat enemy” people. They can’t think, can’t work... wishing for cold to come. You too? Don’t like hot summer? Why not?! It must be very annoying if the heat goes on your nerves. I feel like I am never hot (hey, don’t turn the words around, I am passionate though). When I look back… maybe I felt the heat about three times in my whole life. I feel the heat, I am hot, I sweat and all this but it doesn’t bother me at all. Is it just a point of view or we are really differently sensitive to the heat. I don’t know. In fact, it doesn’t matter as long as it good for me. I hope it will stay this way!

Did you notice that now I know how to do a link and I use it all the time? : ) Don't worry I'll soon be gone to Greece : )))


At 1.7.05, Blogger Dr. K said...

I don't like hot weather too much because I'm already hot enough myself. ;)

At 25.7.05, Blogger itn@ said...

opa :)

At 25.7.05, Blogger MitzieBitchie said...

Just poppin around to say that I liked your post. =) Catch me too in my profile and visit me on my webpage. Ciao!

At 18.8.05, Blogger Bo said...

I myself don't worry particularly about the heat either. What bothers me for numerous reasons tough are the transitions from hot to cold places. And there are a bit more of those right now in these days of heat.

Nurse: [taking Johnny's temperature which charges the electronic thermometer to 209 degrees] My God! You're hot!
Johnny Storm: Why, thank you. So are you.

-- from (movie) Fantastic Four (which I did *not* see, but remember the quote from the trailer / http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/fantastic_four/international/; namely I am pretty careful with the tediously earned money, he he)

At 19.8.05, Blogger itn@ said...

:))) watched that film yesterday


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