I don’t know about you but when I see 12 new posts per day, I will read them all. Today the number was 274! I will never read them. Never ever. It is too much. So, I have deleted all the subscriptions of blogs I don’t read daily (mostly highly geekish or highly philosophic blogs). Now I'm subscribed to 80 blogs or something like that, that must be ok, I guess. Hey, how many posts per day do you read? 1-10? 10-20? More?


At 16.6.05, Blogger itn@ said...

I guess nobody is reading mine :D

At 16.6.05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great, I've always wanted to do this.
I am to analyse the Blogger character named Bo.
I know for sure he's subscribed to feeds via the cool Bloglines / www.bloglines.com, where his feeds are publicly accessible, here - www.bloglines.com/public/Bo.
It's shown there he's subscribed to around 30 blogs. (Of which 7 are produced by HIMSELF. Pretty self-complacent guy, wouldn't you agree?)
I don't know exactly how many posts he reads a day, but I would venture to say around 30.
He confided to me however he loves the Calvin & Hobbes feeds (feed link) very much.

Keep on blogging.

At 18.6.05, Blogger Mayhem said...

I'm not subscribed to any blogs. However, I check about 10 on daily basis.

At 2.7.05, Blogger BigWhale said...

Why on earth would one want to subscribe to a blog? I thought people read blogs whne they really really really have nothing better to do... ;>

At 25.7.05, Blogger itn@ said...

Exactly, but why on earth would one want to leaf through different pages if blogreaders exist? It it just one click and you check them all.


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