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How many lectures will I have to give before I will stop with this stage fright? I mean, come on, I’m not frightened or making a big thing out of it. In opinion of others I give good lectures. But I want to be free as a bird and maybe a shortcut exists ;) It is kind of funny, when talking to friends I’ m relaxed and funny and interesting talker, when the boss is sitting there and some others… I am just interesting and maybe funny because I’m not relaxed at all. I would like to be me, me me, but I’m not. Hope it is just a matter of practice.


At 2.6.05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess spontaneousness arises from practice. There is no need shortcutting! And oh with every lecture you give you get a better and better, that is a more and more spontaneous lecturer.
Do you thinkg being funny and interesting is a side effect too?
Keeping fingers crossed!

At 2.6.05, Blogger Mark said...

You'll never get rid of your stage fright or feeling the neurvousness when talking infront of many people. But that's a good thing, it will help you 'look' better. If you don't have stage fright you look like you don't want to be there and your lectures message is lost. How to become a better lecturer or a public speaker? Practice and getting yourself in there. You have to realise YOU are the boss and whatever you do they are going to look and wait for you. Don't hurry when talking. You're going to make more mistakes that way. Try to figure out what your 'bad' words are (i.e. hmmm, (a) ne?, mislim, pač...) and thy to get rid of it. Those words are killing your presentation. Don't bother with anything and do keep eyecontact with everyone in the crowd that's listening.
There's much more I could tell you but there are good schools to teach you that with 'real' tryouts and practices. If you want I can paste you a link.
Good luck.-

At 2.6.05, Anonymous PeterK said...

Here's a shortcut for you: imagine that people in the audience are completely naked. That will keep you relaxed :-). Stage fright gone.

At 3.6.05, Blogger itn@ said...

:)) OK, Peter, I'm laughing now. Mark, I have already thought about those things but nevertheless I could use some link. Tnx. I have a good feeling for today. Yes, I do think there will be some side effects, like always ;). Will write how it went.

At 3.6.05, Blogger Mark said...


Believe me, it's not what you think of it at first. They don't teach you how to make your pronounciation better or how to behave in some circumstances. They help you be yourself, to be comfortable with yourself standing in front of a bunch of listeners. That's what makes a good public speaker. Finding out what your weak points are and improving your skills. I think everyone should attend a seminar like the ones up in the link.

Imagining listeners are naked? :) Sounds fun, but doesn't help (especially if there are some old/ugly people in the audience, brrr). Distracts you from the content of the lectures which is the worst what could happen.

At 3.6.05, Blogger itn@ said...

I didn't think of nothing, no "nudes", no "it shoul be like this and this", I was standing there, looking at them, talking and joking (very little). They said it was very interesting, easy to follow, in one word, good. I wish I were more relaxed, but 5x hmmmm in 45 min it is not too bad, is it? There is always some room for improvement :)


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