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I think my coworkers are really nice. They are. But there must be a woman (or more of them?) whose mom didn’t tell her that she should sit down when having a pie. Can you believe that she come every morning, doesn’t seat on the perfectly clean desk, no, she just (I didn’t see her but that is the only explanation) bend her knees and, half standing, have a pie. Small yellow liquid droplets on the desk do not disturb her to wash the hands and leave. The next one who gets that yummy toilet... what should she do?! To clean, oh no, it is easier to just bend knees and just... oh, I hate them. Maybe there is just one woman doing that in our neighborhood. One too much. They said that toilets for women are much cleaner when compared to toilets for men. I haven’t been in a toilet for men for a while, so I won’t judge ;)


At 8.7.05, Anonymous Tej said...

When I was a small kid, my dad used to tell me that I shouldn't eat standing up because all the food would then go down into my heels.

I was rather baffled to discover that he himself often likes to eat standing up. :) Parents shouldn't tell things to kids that are not true, even if they are a funny metaphor.

At 25.7.05, Blogger itn@ said...


At 5.9.05, Blogger Mayhem said...

Zdej ne vem al si namerno pisala tko kot si, ali pa je to posledica neznanja? V vsakem primeru konfuzen članek dokler ne prebereš celega.. ampak verjamem, da je ogabno. Maš tud moške primerke, ki pokapljajo rob školjke, da ti je pol kar slabo, ko prideš na vrsto.


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