are we just a sum of different parts or more?

I have just read this. And I feel a must to say something. I have noticed that, especially some computer freaks (sorry to generalize), can’t really understand how the nature works. Maybe I can try to explain this in “computer language” first. I don’t know anything about computers. I really don’t. There were times I used to think that there are a lot of useless files on my computer, some system files or something. Some weird files I never use. Never ever (or so it seems or so I thought). Would it be smart to delete the files I don’t know? NO! They have to be there, that is why they put them there in a first place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about downloading some software or whatever and when you remove them, nothing bad happens. Of course you can cut your hair and nails, nothing extremely bad will happen. I imagine that it is the same with hardware, they put together all the particles which are necessary for normal working. I can not think of a reason why anything would be redundant or unnecessary. Maybe not all the details are essential but still they are there with a specific function. Like in life.

Furthermore, life is not a machine. Even if the scientist can isolate or synthesize every single molecule. Do you think you just put those molecules together and that will work? Wrong. No life, no nothing. Just a soup. Dead soup. Life is more than just a sum of different parts.

Till now you could get my message, I think. Every single organ is important, every small one too. It is there for a reason. It is just that it took years and years to understand why we need this and that. And we still don’t know everything because is too complex. It is all connected in a very many-sided way. If you didn’t know, appendix has a very important role in the hormonal balance. Even fat tissue for instance is a very important for hormonal response too. Another very popular thing was to have your tonsils taken out. And then there is no barrier in the throat. Every single flue I get comes down to my lungs. I used to have a sore throat, now I have bronchitis. Not good. Just because they were convinced that part can be taken out and that will help to solve the problem. Either they didn’t understand a thing or they didn’t know of any better solution/preservation or both.

I don’t deny that sometimes the cut out is the most appropriate solution of the problem. Sometimes it is the only way. I don’t know about computer (machine) world but in an organism you can put a small part away and other parts will take a part of the function of the missing part. Off course it depends what, where and when something goes wrong. You can not replace the whole person. To come back to this... come on, to cut some parts out because they presumably have no essential function, this is insane. Totally insane. Life is not just like that, if something is not necessary at the first glance it is not necessary at all.


At 30.6.05, Blogger Bo said...

A marvelous post that is.
I would like to comment it, however just one aspect.

Despite of my almost-adultness I still believe the human body to be NOTHING ELSE than a bunch of elementary particles somehow glued together, either quantum-like, newton-like or any other way the smart physicists think of.

But then - I said human body. When I think of me (or some other carbon based life form) as a human, I first think of my emotions - fear, anger, sadness, envy, love -, social functions, will, desires and so on ... and only then about my body and organs and how they are built up of cells and veins. (And why I am so hungry at the moment.)

And if I may finish. Since I am devoted to natural sciences, I believe human to be NOTHING ELSE that a bunch of elementary particles somehow glued together, for instance quantum-like, PLUS latter's side effects, for instance wave function shading. And since those side effects are so un-known, so cumbersome to us, we still don't understand so much of our body and especially of our soul. Or put the other, Douglas-Adams-like a way: We know a donkey's kidney.
But the bottom-line remains: bunch of atoms glued together, nothing more.

I guess you would disagree (do you?) but I would like to hear the others.

Bye and happy holidays!

At 30.6.05, Blogger Julie said...

But, then, I had my tonsils taken out to cure my bronchitis. And it seems to have done the trick. It is, of course, impossible to say that the tonsillectomy was the sole cure of my bronchitis; but, I had chronic bronchitis, they took my tonsils out, and BAM! no more bronchitis.

I agree with your main point, though, that the body is a complete system, and you need to take care of all its parts.

At 1.7.05, Blogger itn@ said...

Tnx Bo. I don’t disagree in fact, I am just thinking/asking about and at the same time I know there is no one-way answer. And I would like to hear the others too. It is the philosophy of life, I think. Of course you can watch at life like “a bunch of elementary particles somehow glued together”. After all, also our emotions, memory... it is all written in hormones, proteins, etc. - particles again.

Let’s take a one-cell organism. “Primitive one”. How come that scientist can put all the particles from one cell together, (and I mean all, the scientist already know how to do it). Still, that “bunch of elementary particles somehow glued together” will not be alive. Why not? What is that, more than just bunch of particle? Energy of life? Space? Soul? God? Call it whatever. I think that life is not just what you can see or what you can measure. But then this is not scientific view of life anymore ;)

Hey Julie, it looks like it works for you. Great!

I don’t know if I will miss the posting during my holidays but I will definitely miss comments :).

All of you, have fun!

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