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There was sun and sea and wind and surf and freedom and very good company. What else could one wish!!! The worst moment was… strong wind, I was in the middle of the bay, while tacking, I hear click, something happened…when I opened my eyes the sail was 3m on my left and board 4m on my right, going further with waves and wind. Broken joint (connection sail/board). My fastest swim ever, yes, I have catch the board, and then went to sail, first a little improvising, without success, so I decided to swim to the shore. It is funny how 15 minutes of swimming alone in the middle of the bay with sail around body and hands on the board, battling with the waves and wind seems like swimming for ages. I was lucky; Siky came to me and drag me closer to the shore. Except this little misfortune, it was super! My next step for windsurfing improvement is to get my legs into the straps. I can feel I am almost there because occasionally I stand on them, but not jet in them. My moment will come!


At 26.7.05, Anonymous Rok said...

Dobrodošla spet doma...
Se kmalu vidimo..:)



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