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Since we are in civilization and some of us have the equipment and knowledge to make a short movie (Tnx Siky), you can watch our windsurfing from Lefkada (Greece) here.


At 27.7.05, Anonymous Siky said...

No problemo surf girl :)

At 11.8.05, Blogger itn@ said...

movie is not working. don't know about the future yet. does anybody have a little free place on server just for my movie?

At 18.8.05, Blogger Bo said...

Hi itn@,

If the movie
- is any good
- and not over 100Mb, I can upload it for you on the net.

Bye, Bo.

At 21.8.05, Blogger itn@ said...

Tnx bo!

At 21.8.05, Blogger Bo said...

Me have seen the movie!
And also quite liked it, so I've humbly put it here - http://hlod.net/bolek/Medi-a/itnaWindSurfingLefkas2005.wmv - for others to see it too.

The island of Lefkada seems idyllic. The windsurfing on the other hand reminds me of my having experimented with it. But it never went that fast and seemingly comfortable. Now why was that so, I don't know for sure. I am probably not that weaker than itn@. So probably my board was too unstable and the sail equally not that windable. Excuses, excuses ... it was fun anyway, all the way. Great sport windsurfing is. (And expensive too.)

Surf on. (If you have the money, that is.)

At 22.8.05, Blogger itn@ said...

Tnx again, Bo. Surfing can be very expensive but with a little luck you don't need to spend a lot of money for the equipment. Second hand buying is the answer, yes. I got my board for 11 kSIT, an old rig from my father, another sail for 10 kSIT and a must for 5 kSIT. It is not the best equipment I have ever seen but it is ok for me, I like it a lot. "Wind-able-ness" comes with kilometers and there is always room for improvements. So, if you think it is fun you could try it again. And again. And again. Then is too late, you can not live without it ;)

At 23.8.05, Blogger Bo said...

I feel charm in modesty, so, itn@, I would like to show you sympathy.

What you are saying, that at least slightly rational person - luck does stand on the side of the wise after all - can acquire decent equipment for low cash, is flat true. And I again applaud that. What really bothers me is something else, and it's true again that I didn't really clearly explained that in my last comment. So, please, let me try it now.

As I advance in life I usually discover what a fool I'd been.

For example, I was once a passionate skier, then soon discovered powder and instantly switched to snowboard with great joy. I was equally hot for volleyball. It was love at first side. I couldn't've imagined anything else as sport. But with playing on snow and by participating in various ball sports I also injured my knees. I didn't know it then. That is I think mainly because of the latent nature of such injures (of ligaments and cartilage of joints). But I know it now. And I am very angry, can't put it in words how much.

But wait, where does windsurfing come into this? It doesn't really. I just happen to have some kind of prejudices against everything that doesn't fit into my set of mind at the present. And my set of mind, when sport is concerned, is all about aerobing. I discovered the true beauty of aerobic sports - running, swimming, bicycling, hiking - only some time ago. And felt deeply in love with it. But this time I am more sure than ever before that nothing can come between me and my aerobing.

Let me first tell you something about aerobing and then explain my feeling that I am not that intolerant as you might have imagined by now. Running, for instance, is the ultimate aerobic sport for me. It is: as cheap as any sport can be, a great self-discipline tutor, a great meditation tool and so, all in all - great.

But hey, we are different and I respect that fact. What I've said works for me and fits really well into my way of living.

Now I should tell you something about my way of living, but I won't do that. I am overlining this post anyway.

The point I've wanted to make all along is that various sports I'd been doing in the past, including windsurfing, bothers me now because: of great amount of time and money investment in travelling, preparing and fiddling with the equipment; they represent a potential threat to my health and at the same time don't give me the healthy satisfaction I found in aerobing.

Nevertheless I keep windsurfing in good memory, at least much better than the notorious skiing. But only as a delicate sport. I can't imagine doing it instead of running. I need a more steady sport. I need to feel my heartbeat. I don't like boarding since it doesn't put my pulse that high for that long a time.

At 24.8.05, Blogger Bo said...

I would just like to add, that for instance playing golf would be a real torture for me. I would probably grab my clubs and shove them up in some hole. Then I would go for a run over the hills - they look nice, as if made for running, don't they?

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