cute bastard

Hey, what were you doing this weekend, where did you go?

I will tell you, very interesting weekend, indeed. On Thursday I just slightly touched one cute toxic bastard (hrastov sprevodni prelec) and look what happened! For the last few days I have been scratching myself all over the body and was a little worried if I ever get my eye back. As you see on the pictures, in a few days the worst is over. Rash is still itching, but eye is better.

Concerning the little bastard, some say that this year they are extremely toxic. I have heard that in Kranj they even tell people not to go into the forest these days. When we were children, we hold these animals on our palm, but nothing happened. Why? We have all heard how bad we treat the environment and it will “treat us” soon back. For me it looks that the tones of toxicants (pesticides, insecticides, etc.) slowly intoxicate our nature and this shows up like this too. After all, these caterpillars, they are sort of cute and they will become beautiful butterflies some day. But laying in the bed for a few days with a rash and swollen eye was not extremely cute for me.

This is one of those things – I could not believe it if it would not happened to me. So small, so cute and so toxic.


slow progression is better than no progression

I must admit, I practice too little to be good at this, but nevertheless, here it is, the proof, a few meters without the help. Yeah!


am I a stuntman or what

If the project with the fish at my current job will not succeed, maybe I could think of a career as a stuntman, ha! Could, I? So, the note to myself: turning the front weel in the air is not very smart thing. Thanks Matjaž for the filming from this angle.