I got a nephew

Yeah! This is really something, when life is measured in days and weight is measured in grams. Welcome to this world, Vid. Life is beautiful.


still spinning

The world is still spinning around me… I am quite healthy, I feel quite happy, so what else do I want? Well, I wouldn’t mind having a cosy home, a job in Slovenia, more sleep and healthy teeth… therefore there is still room for improvements. Nevertheless, life is beautiful! And then we die. It is ok, some things are inevitable. It is a consolidation that nobody knows his/hers future. Another inevitable thing, for example, a baby is coming. “Teta tina” can’t wait. We are counting days 3, 2, 1. Another happy thing, I have to admit, living near the job is a very nice thing. My favourite “vehicles” are bike & feet. Except that I don’t know what the job brings me during the next months (and who does!), thinking more and more I don’t really want to go abroad for my job purposes, at least not more than a few months. I like living in Slovenia, even now, I don’t complain, my landlady is very nice, I have a room, a bed and half of my clothes in the wardrobe and hey, 4 pairs of shoes, but that is not a cosy home (yet), and thanks mum for keeping all my other stuff for me. And it is ok, because I am surrounded by people who like me and give me a hand whenever I need one. Well, as you can see, I am fine. Maybe it is in human nature to wish for more. You can’t wish for something you already have, can you? So I wish for… hmmm, hhm, khm… oh, I know, for vacations!