freezing cold

It was not an easy job, but I managed to find a positive aspect of being as freezing cold as one has been outdoors these days. Namely, when you go to a shop and buy some frozen food, you can carry it in a bag for hours and it won't melt ;)


how did I fake my first si-blogs award

This post is about this event. First of all, it is totally weird to actually see some of the people you have been reading. Second, it is fun to see how some of them are surprised, “oh, that is you”. All in all, it was fun. It is not every day that you meet so many different people interested in so many different things… and still we share one thing – blogging. Surprisingly, the majority went home very early, only a few of us persisted. The debate was rotating around… well in short, there is no such think as a good or a bad blog/post, there is no way someone could measure that and why would some even want to do this. At this point of the evening I got my first si-blogs award, since not everybody merited for si-blogs awards showed up. I think I fake the award for this post, oh yes, this one – how did I fake my fist si-blogs award :)