the personal note

The point is that if you write everything totally objectively and always illumine the object from all angles, tell a bright and a dark side, a positive and negative… then everything you write is so… I don’t find the right expression… something like “shadow-less” or “immaculate” or “too-perfect”. In fact, I like posts with the personal note.


At 17.11.05, Blogger Nadezhda said...

I don't think one can be perfectlx objective, at least not on all subjects. In an area of your expertise, you can perhaps represent both the positive and negative aspects of something without really taking sides. There is where the personal note gets lost, as you say.

However, everybody has their prejudices and I find it very difficult to maintain that these things have both a positive and negative side or in the least, that they're equal. On e of the most obvious examples is smoking and I will fight against smoking to death. While I understand there are temporary compensations that make smoking enjoyable, there is a serious downside (deteriorating health) to smoking as well. And I will never be able to discuss smoking in a very objective way, because obviously I am prejudiced.

I hope this made some sense. :)

Anyway, personal blogs are much more fun that "objective" or informational blogs. Not that I'm not interested in politics and international affairs, but I prefer to read it in a newspaper.


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