me and fish – the first time

I have never ever had fish at home. Did you? Maybe because I was always afraid that they would die… and than what ?! Of course I have seen them at some friends home or at local aquaria or on TV, but frankly said, I don not have any special feeling or attitude towards fish. They don’t care about me and I don’t care about them. Mutual relationship. In fact, I must admit, I kind of have this “fish are stupid anyway” feeling. As for dealing with this superior feeling of mine, the life turned out in a way that in my present job I am responsible for the introduction of the new method based on fish embryo. So these days I am thinking fish thoughts I thought I never would, for example: what will I do when the shippment of eggs from Germany comes? Will 26 will be enough for eggs? How long does it take to get the babies form the eggs? What will they eat? How much will they eat? And than what?!

It is a funny feeling. Me and fish, all day long. :)


At 21.2.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, sounds fishy! Well, look on the bright side - you can have a lush fish dinner with the colleagues when the experiment is over ;)

At 26.2.07, Blogger itn@ said...

Heh, not a very big dinner, their max length is 5 cm ;).
Honestly, I am a little worried these days, they started to give up life, and I am not sure why. To much food, to little food, to dirty, to clean, to crowded beakers, to empty beakers...?! I put them in two beakers, one will get more food and one will get less. Furthermore I will clean the beakers more. That is my first plan.


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